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The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 13.

The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 13.


  1. "Y'know Drew if you're gonna be the selfish jerk in the group I'm not quite sure what my job is."
    I love Lewis!

  2. Love that Lewis quote! "Ahhh. Sarcasm." Love this Lewis line too!
    I'm digging this country version of "Five O'Clock World" and there's some great clips!

    Poor Oswald! I don't like how they've treated his character, they've turned him into a super sweet childish dunce!
    Love Lewis & Drew singing "Alo-o-o-one"!
    Evan & Scott are the best bosses Drew's ever had. I miss Mr. Wick though. Jonathan Mangum is still cute, but I wish he could have been the sentimental one!