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The Drew Carey Show Season 7 Episode 21.

The Drew Carey Show Season 7 Episode 21.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. (part 1) 8:36 that's AMAZING!!! I wish all Airport Security was like Lewis and Oswald.

  2. LOVE the mousetrap scenes! Lewis & Oswald climbing on furniture is so funny! This reminds me of the mousetrap games from Drew Carey's improv shows which many associated with Whose Line use when they do live shows. Wonder which came first, improv mousetraps or mousetraps from this show?
    Love Mimi & Drew "fencing"! Drew's hair is longer and Ryan's is a bit longer and darker in this season.
    Lewis & Oswald doing airport security? Wow! Love their song, they are so hysterically funny! And they look great in the uniforms!
    "There's no place like Spain, there's no place like Spain." Drew is so funny doing this line!

  3. Lewis and Oswald take a lot of heat for being outsmarted by animals, but the animals they deal with tend to be really intelligent.

  4. 1:45 and thus the mousetraps game on improv-a-ganza was born