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The Drew Carey Show Season 7 Episode 20.

The Drew Carey Show Season 7 Episode 20.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Lewis's squeaky yawn at 7:36 is just too cute! Just made me crack up. "What am I gonna tell my teacher, that my roommate ate my homework?!?" Okay this officially moves Lewis from weird to freaky!
    Love Mr. Wick's "Brrr, sure is cold out here outside of the hug!"

  2. the president that lord mercer assigns to be president is hot O_O

  3. the whole scene when Lewis found out he ate human liver is hilarious
    Oswald: "I got it at the morgue"
    Kate: "thats a terrible name for a supermarket"
    Oswald: "no the morgue at the hospital"
    Lewis: "You gotta label it"
    Oswald: "I did, it said liver"
    Lewis: "'human liver'. 'Human', that's the world that would have had me leanin towards the chinese food"
    Drew: "so is it true, do they taste like chicken?"

    hilarious....they couldnt stop gigglin while they were doin the scene