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The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 8.

The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 8.


  1. 1:37 is kinda sad...Lewis is so cute!

    love the ending

  2. "You smell like a woman..." Poor Lewis!
    Really like the classy opening sequence and how they mixed in the dance number scenes to make it look like they're really playing the song!

    It's Lori Loughlin! She's so pretty, I always admired her as Becky in Full House!

    Jonathan Mangum is so cute! "What part of Russia are you from?"
    Okay so that song goes with this episode and not the last one! I love the song! I know Ryan Stiles didn't really like doing the hoedowns and other music games on Whose Line but he was pretty good at coming up with words and always funny! And I always liked his "new shoes"! :)

  3. Sorry to comment again but I just realized that Jonathan Mangum's wife Leah Stanko Mangum is in this episode! She play's Drew's first date Sheila from 4:03-4:37. Not a very long scene but well done.