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The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 3.

The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 3.


  1. "Hey I know you take her out, make her feel beautiful and I'll...random words here." lmao Lewis is awesome!

    Lewis is SO cute...I'd date him (if I was older)

  2. This version of 'Moon Over Parma' is fun, like it! Mimi's dress at 2:54 actually isn't bad I like the fabric it's just a bit 1940's housewife though.
    Love Mr. Wick's long hair!

    "Who wins?" "Arby's 'cuz that's where I'm taken her!" Love Oswald & Lewis!

    Love Drew dancing and rolling around the office!
    Love Jonathan Mangum, he seems genuinely concerned about Drew "you're going all Shatner on us!"

    Funny that the candle doesn't go out when Lewis pours water on it so he has to blow it out!
    "Too wet?...Okay, I'm dry now, let's go!" Lewis is so cute! "The line between self loathing and hatred for Lewis is paper thin!"
    Poor guy, I'd date him too if I was older. I'm just a recent fan of Ryan Stiles and the group of improv actors he works with so I'm late in the game where most of them (at least Ryan, Drew and Colin Mochrie) are old enough to be my father. I really admire their skills!