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The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 26.

The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 26.


  1. 3:46-3:53 poor Lewis he's SO sweet! I LOVE him!!!

  2. Drew's mom! She's still mean to Lewis but he got a pretty good jab back at her this time.
    Mr. Wick! I love when Craig Ferguson plays up the Scottish accent! His own accent is fairly light in real life.
    Steve, Mimi, Milan! Yay!
    "Hi, I'm Tony. This is the worst bachelor party I've ever been to!" Drew's bus driver is too funny! I've always liked him but he's doubly funny in this episode!
    Ron Pearson is the minister! Love the music at the "reception". Adore Mr. Wick's Scottish Christian weather report!!


    16. Girlfriend, Interupted
    6. Sealed in a Kiss
    19. Burning Down The House
    20. Liar Liar, House on Fire
    3. Foos Rush In
    17. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy
    21. sleeping With The Enemy
    22. Assault With a Lovely Weapon
    18. Still Life With a Freeloader
    4. Drew Thinks Inside The Box
    2. Eye of the Leopard
    1. Drew Hunts Silver Fox
    5. At Your Cervix
    7. Baby Makes Stress
    9. No Booze For Drew
    8. Michigan J. Gus
    10. Drew's Best Friend
    11. Arrivederci, Italy
    2. House of the Rising Son-In-Law
    13. Dog Soup
    14. Asleep At The Wheel
    24. Knot in the Mood
    15. Baby Face
    23. Love, Sri Lankan Stile
    25. The Passion of the Wick
    26. Finale