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The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 11.

The Drew Carey Show Season 8 Episode 11.


  1. when they all start dancing at 6:47 Lewis is the only one who doesn't look that awkward...he at least looked like he was attempting to do it right.

  2. "Lewis. Capricorn." Love way he says that! I would have melted if I were in her shoes!
    During the opening credits I think there were more photo clips of Lewis than of Drew! Wow!
    "Ah ha! I knew guys did this when women weren't around!" Love the guys dancing! But I think Lewis is trying more of a Merengue/My Blue Heaven type dance with the hip action and the hands places just so. I've noticed that Ryan Stiles doesn't have much rhythm or exaggerated movement when he dances especially in the games on Whose Line. His movements are slight and without a lot of foot work. I think this scene is the most I've seen him move, except for his "nude" scene a few seasons ago. Love Lewis's line "I come from Eastern European stock. We're an awkward clumsy people who can barely reproduce."
    Jonathan Mangum is so cute! His part in this show is small but I enjoy every moment!
    Love the dance class scenes!