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The Drew Carey Show Season 6 Episode 5.

The Drew Carey Show Season 6 Episode 5.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Wow, Brad's hairy

    "Boy Drew when you finish a meal you finish a meal."
    "I think it's a ding!"
    You can tell how experienced at improv Ryan is in this episode...there is no hesitation in anything he says.

  2. This was so amazing! I LOVE these guys! Kathy Kinney and Ryan Stiles are such great improvers they don't even flinch when asked to do something crazy or restate something. Loved the Irish drinking song, Craig Ferguson was terrible at it (even calling Wayne Brady "Dewayne"!) but the others did pretty well. I adore Colin and wish that he Greg and Kathy Greenwood could have had longer screen time. Diedrich Bader is horrible at the improv but it's so funny to see him trying and then cracking up at Ryan's lines! The ending with the silly string was so much fun!! :)

  3. jeffBdavisclubMay 06, 2011 7:02 pm

    ill swith Greenwood for Davis

  4. Hehehe...I love this. I wonder what it would be like if they had a Drew Carey Show reunion on Improv-a-ganza like this... I bet Craig would do better, since he's a hilarious talk show host now. :3

    They should do it....